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Johnny Appleseed: Wholesome Heroes With Rick Sowash

Appleseed DVD CoverRick has a new film: "Johnny Appleseed." Aimed at elementary school children, this 30-minute film recounts the life and achievement of John Chapman, a real person who became one of America's most beloved folk heroes, better known as "Johnny Appleseed." Rick wrote the script and stars in the film. With his storytelling skills in high gear, Rick speaks right into the camera, recounting the story of Johnny's life and the importance of his life's work as "a gatherer and planter of appleseeds" on the American frontier.

One of the most beloved folk heroes in history, Johnny Appleseed transformed the American frontier. He planted the apple trees that fed and sheltered the early settlers of our nationís heartland. Even more, he sowed seeds of kindness as he traveled ,spreading a message of hope and encouragement that shaped the lives of generations of pioneers. Did Johnny Appleseed really go barefoot or wear a pot on his head? Learn the answer to these questions and more as host Rick Sowash takes us on an amazing adventure through the life and times of this American legend. From stories, poems, and tall tales to a special visit to the Johnny Appleseed Museum, children and adults alike will enjoy this entertaining look at a true, wholesome hero!

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• Optional English subtitles
• PDF handouts and educational resources
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28 Minutes




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