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The Moderately Lazy Biker’s Guide to Litchfield County
(and Just Beyond)
by Rick Sowash
with quotations from Odell Shepard
and illustrations by Beatrice Stevens

The Moderately Lazy Biker’s Guide to Litchfield County (and Just Beyond)A moderately lazy biker loves a long downhill glide, has no complaint with more or less level terrain, but abhors a steep climb. Though decidedly hilly, even mildly
mountainous, Litchfield County offers many a glorious ride for the moderately lazy.

Rick Sowash has taken it upon himself to study the maps and discover sixteen bike rides in northwestern Connecticut (and just beyond) that are perfect for the
moderately lazy biker. He has bicycled every foot of these routes and his directions are precise and delightful. Maps, mileage, pavement conditions, shoulder widths and points of interest are all duly noted.

What’s more, this booklet features gorgeous
etchings of the Litchfield area by Connecticut artist and
illustrator Beatrice Stevens and piquant, poetical quotations by Odell Shepard, perhaps Connecticut’s greatest admirer and
regionalist writer."

16 pages
8.5" x 11" softcover




“Ah, to set out through this ripe country of the summer hills; to loiter along lanes grass grown and spotted with shifting shade, where the goldenrod brightens the sunshine and the cardinal flower flows in the cool; to lean for hours over bridges while fancy follows the curl of the waves, and to lean on fence-rails at evening while my thoughts grow still as the corn; to ask my way of no one because one way is as good as another; to lose haste and eagerness without losing intensity; to realize that there is time enough for all good things; to make my peace once more with the good brown earth; to sink down and down into the ancient quiet that broods among the hills.”
-- Odell Shepard






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