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Friends and fans --
I've found a new, free way
to bring my music into your world ...

... by emailing a weekly message in which I share the story behind a single piece of my music, along with a link to a webpage where the piece can be heard and a free PDF of the score.

My brilliant daughter Shenandoah coined a term for this new medium. She says to call such a message an "mpFree."

It is the most effective way I’ve found to share my music with the people I care about, namely, friends and fans who have told me they're interested in discovering more of my work and want to be included on the list of recipients.

It’s different from anything else I’ve tried. Not like producing CDs and then trying to get people to buy and listen ... or coaxing radio stations to broadcast my CDs to a mass, undifferentiated audience ... or publishing and marketing the sheet music for my scores ... or cajoling musicians to perform my work in concert and then pressing people to come and listen. None of those endeavors has been as effective as this.

The best thing about it is that you have options: you can listen immediately, you can save it until you have the leisure to listen or you can delete it unheard. And that won't hurt my feelings -- because I’ll never know!

The second best thing about it is the total absence of commercialism. Nothing is being sold. No donations are requested. The music came to me for free, after all. In turn, I’ve found a way to share it for free.

For me, this experiment has been immensely satisfying. Many have responded warmly, replying with thoughts and feelings about the music, prompting me to listen anew and afresh, discovering how my work comes across to others.

At last, in my mid-sixties, I’m getting my music to the people whom I have most wanted to hear it: you. The music is no longer just sitting on the shelf, waiting to be discovered. If you are imagining how good that feels then you are smiling with me right now.

Now, please answer this question: May I start sending these emails to you?

If the answer is yes, email me at rick@sowash.com. Just say "yes." I'll know what you mean and I'll add your address to the list. Look for your first mpFree this coming Sunday.

Please believe that Sowash is awash with gratitude to be living in this wondrous age when such technology is available, even to a not particularly affluent person like me.

Far, far more importantly, I am grateful to have a following of friends and fans who share a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for my life’s work.

Rick Sowash
Cincinnati, OH



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